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FAQ about our products

What are the factors that cause the arthritic pain? What does cause the changes that happen secondary to the osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, like limitation of movement and the deformity? 

Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory degenerative disease. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, meaning the body is not any more capable of recognizing its own tissue (in this case the joint tissue) and so it makes antibodies against its own joint component and causing its damage and secondary inflammation. The main source of the pain is the synovial membrane inflammation. The damage is due to increased rate of catabolism of a substance called proteoglycan, which is the main building block of the cartilage. Also we have another important building block substance of all body cellular components and that is glycoprotein which helps in keeping the cell healthy.

The sever agonizing pain of arthritis force the body to avoid any movement that might cause pain. The continuous immobility of the affected joint lead to muscle atrophy and deformity.
So in order to have good treatment for arthritis we should have a medication that:

1. Controls the inflammation.
2. Stops the catabolism of proteoglycan.
3. Builds more glycoprotein.
4. Keep normal functioning immune system.
5. No side effects secondary to prolonged use.


DermaMed was able to create cream formula that combined ingredients able to accomplish such mission.

What are the active ingredients in joint mobility cream and how does it work in treating arthritis?

The joint mobility cream is a mixture of high standard herbal ingredients that are formulated together to create balance and to extend the usefulness of combination. DermaMed approaches formulation by looking for the best way to focus the product for maximum benefit. Doing enough research to be sure about each ingredient's contributions and about experimental and clinical trials done to confirm the effect of each ingredient and whether it has any side effect or not to insure the safety of the product. Finally dermamed was able to combine ingredients in a specific order to be powerful, safe control for pain in arthritis.

The active ingredients are:

Cetyl myristoleate (CM):
It is the ester of the fatty acid myristoleic acid. CM is a mediator of series 1 prostaglandin that has great protective effect on the human body against inflammation, water retention with consequent edema and disturbance of the immune function. This enables CM correct the imbalance created by chronic inflammation and thus abolishes the pain of arthritis increase lubrication and resilience of cartilage. The effect of the regulation of the immune response makes it also useful in rheumatoid arthritis, a disease known for its disabling effect.

Glucosamine sulfate (GS):
It is the building block of the proteoglycan. Proteoglycan hold the fluids inside the cartilage tissue keeping it healthy. The more Glucosamine there is, the more proteoglycan will be made by the chondrocytes that is the cartilage-making machinery of the joints, to help in the repair process.

GS is a component of glycoprotein that are is responsible for the integrity of the cells keeping it healthy and in the same time helps in the repair process of the damaged ones.

GS also plays a role in the formation of tendons, synovial fluid, bone and ligaments.
All these effects explain the role of GS in treating arthritis.

Boswolic acids and pentacyclic triterpenes:
It is extracted from boswellia, which is the powder extract of the gum of the boswellia tree. It acts by counteracting the inflammation and reducing the swelling and so it relieves pain and improves the mobility of the joints. It has been proved experimentally that the degradation of proteoglycan is markedly reduced in patients treated with boswellic acids, as mentioned before proteoglycan is the building block of the cartilage It has been found by clinical trials that it has steroid sparing action, meaning less steroids are required in combined treatment in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. The clinical improvement was manifested in the form of less morning stiffness, improved grip strength and general improvement of quality of life, for both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis patients.
The non-acid part of the gum has pain-relieving and sedative effect.

Harpogoside and beta sitosterol:
These are extracted from devil's claw. They have marked anti-inflammatory activity that helps to reduce the edema and relieve pain and improve mobility in the joints. These ingredients looses their effect if taken orally as the gastric Hcl destroys it and that is the reason dermamed decided to added to the cream to be applied locally to have its maximum curing effect.

It is extracted from grapeseed. Is a powerful antioxidant, meaning it has very potent free radical scavenging. The free radicals are the result of the catabolic process of the body and if not removed instantly from the cells they can cause cellular damage and death. The antioxidants remove these free radicals and so help the repair of the cells and prolong its life span. Clinical trials showed that it suppresses the inflammation caused by monosodium urate crystals which cause arthritic gout.

It is the yellow pigment of turmeric herb. It has anti-inflammatory effect and anti- infectious effect.

Gamma linolenic acids (GLA):
It is extracted from evening primrose. It is essential fatty acid and is a precursor of prostaglandin 1 series with its anti-inflammatory effect and stimulatory effect on the regulating mechanisms of the immune system thus helps patients of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

We understand that the best results could be obtained by using dermamed nutritional capsule together with joint mobility cream can you explain the reason?

Any disease affecting any vital system in the body is aggrevated by nutritional deficiency. Even if we tried to take adequate nutritional food we cannot guarantee that our digestive system will be able to extract the nutrients we need during digestion due to defect of the digestive enzymes necessary for breaking down the food to be absorbed and to be able to go to the blood stream. When an effort is made to optimize nutrient intake, to provide more than that which is just adequate through nutritional supplementation the body response will be significantly better, keeping good functioning organs and energetic body.

Example of the needed ingredients:

Essential Fatty Acids
Fat is important. It makes up 30% of your normal weight and cushions and protects vital organs. There are different types of fats with different characteristics. It is a rich form of stored energy. Some types of fats are more important than others. We need certain fats (Essential Fatty Acids) in our diet for tissue repair, healthy reproductive system, and proper eye and brain coordination and optimum immune function.

Gamma-linoleic Acid (GLA)
Gamma-linoleic acid is one of the essential fatty acids (EFAs). There are two types of EFAs. The omega-6 series derived from cis-linoleic acid (LA) and the omega-3 series derived from alpha linolenic acid (ALA). The natural sources of GLA are mother's milk, oats, spirulina and barley. GLA is found in great abundance in some plant seed oils notably those of the evening primrose, borage and blackcurrant. Omega-3 is derived from oil extracted from the flesh of cold water fish. These are fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines, herrings and anchovies. Fish oil is a rich source of the omega-3.

It has been estimated that a majority of Americans and Europeans consume far to many omega 6 fatty acids in proportion to the beneficial omega 3 fatty acids (by approximately 10:1). Most biochemists agree an optimal ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids should be approximately 1:1. Despite the obvious over-consumption of the omega 6 oils rich in linoleic acid, some individuals lack the ability in converting linoleic acid to the much needed GLA.
The hydrogenation process utilized to convert liquid polyunsaturated oils into semi-solid altered saturated fats for use as margarine and commercially processed foods. When these products are eaten in excess they are known, in some cases, to block the enzymatic conversion of linoleic acid to GLA. In addition to the damaging effects of hydrogenation, certain essential fatty acid nutrient cofactor deficiencies may exist to further complicate this conversion. Vitamins pro-A, A, C, E, B-2, B-3, B-6, pantothenic acid, B-12 biotin and the minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur and zinc are all involved in essential fatty acid (EFA) metabolism.

Particular interest should be given to those afflicted with diabetes, asthma, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis and alcoholism. For a myriad of reasons, including cofactor deficiencies, these individuals lack the enzymatic ability to convert linoleic acid to GLA and must obtain a direct source of GLA for proper hormonal regulation. In addition, excessive consumption of animal fats containing arachidonic acid competes for the same metabolic pathways occupied by GLA, thus minimizing its biological action.

These potential negating effects can simply be diverted by consuming a food source or supplement containing GLA which bypasses any previously necessary enzymatic conversion and floods the metabolic pathways with beneficial GLA. Nutrient deficiency should also be addressed. Here lies the true power of GLA.



1. EFAs are precursors of several important regulatory molecules such as Prostaglandin's, leukotrienes and thromboxanes in the body.
2. Prostaglandin E1, in particular has a wide range of desirable effect including reduction of inflammation, lowering blood pressure and inhibiting platelet aggregation.
3. EFAs are involved in transportation and metabolism of cholesterol. EFAs also have the ability to inhibit the synthesis LDL, the bad cholesterol in our body.
4. EFAs are required for proper cell structure and integrity.
5. Is involved in the activation of our body defense antibodies such as T-lymphocytes and interferon. It is also indirectly linked to a host of active substances that are involved in immunity.
6. Supplementation of evening primrose oil and fish oil enables arthritic patient to experience improvement in swelling and pain while at the same time reducing the need for Non-Steroid Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs). This is important, as NSAIDs are known to cause side effects.


We understand that dermamed has formulated new natural scalp treatment could you tell us what scalp disorders it is designed for?

An important point I have to mention is that proper scalp examination should be included in patient's complete physical examination as scalp involvement is often overlooked or even misdiagnosed initially. It can be the only presenting complaint in some serious diseases like dermatomyositis and are always overlooked or misdiagnosed as scalp psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis before progression of the disease or tissue examination reveales the diagnosis of dermatomyositis. 

Tinea capitis, fungus scalp infection is common among school children. The major organism responsible for Tinea capitis today is trichophyton tonsurans which accounts for more than 90%of ringworm infections of the scalp in North America the remaining 10% is caused by Microsporum canis and Microsporum audouinii.
Griseofulvin is used for the treatment of Tinea capitis but relapse is common. Alternative drugs such as ketoconazole are occasionally used, but ketoconazole has a greater risk of hepatotoxicity, is more expensive, and is less effective

Asymptomatic carriers of trichophyton tonsurans usually remain culture-positive and probably play a role in the transmission of Tinea capitis to the household children.

Alopecia areata is a tissue-restricted autoimmune disease of the hair follicle, which results in hair loss and baldness. It is often psychologically devastating. The role of T lymphocytes in this disorder was investigated with cell transfer experiments. Studies indicate that Alopecia areata is mediated by T cells which recognize a follicular autoantigen .

Androgenetic alopecia, a hereditary, androgen-driven disorder, is the most common form of alopecia in humans. It is more severe in men; women are more likely to experience diffuse thinning. The acute onset of alopecia in those with inflammatory diseases of the scalp suggests a variety of etiologies, including the impact of inflammatory cells, release of cytokines, presence of growth factors. Therapeutic modalities, which are most effective when used in combinations, utilize hair growth promoters, antiandrogens, and androgen blockade agents.

What are the active ingredients is the natural scalp treatment gel and how it acts in the treatment of scalp disorders?

In order to formulate a broadspectrum treatment for scalp disorder the formula should be able to accomplish the following mission:

1. counteract any inflammation.
2. Attack any bacteria present.
3. Healing power of wounds
4. stimulate the immune system.
5. improve the blood supply of the hair follicles.
6. keep the scalp healthy and moist.


This mission is accomplished by new formulation, natural scalp treatment gel as it contains the following ingredients:

Sesquiterpene lactone:
It is purified from the alcoholic extract of Arnica and it has a potent anti-inflammatory effect. Studies suggest molecular mechanism for the anti-inflammatory effect of sesquiterpene lactones, which differs from any other anti-inflammatory drugs. Sesquiterpene showed bactericidal activity against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Immunological studies on arnica extract showed stimulation of granulocyte phagocytosis activity. It has also proven that arnica extract inhibit the hair perforating ability of fungi that cause Tinea capitus.

Is purified from the alcohol extract of Calendula flowers. It has been evaluated by studies that it has marked inhibitory activity of the inflammatory response.

Faradiol and its esters:
Purified from the alcoholic extract of the flower heads of Calendula and studies showed that it has dose dependent anti-edematous activity. Experimental studies showed that the best wound healing power effect is that of Calendula extract. The wound-healing period was noticed to be shorter than that of the witness.

It is purified from grape seeds. It has proven to have a potent scavenger capacity for free radicals. It has also been found that it stabilizes the capillary walls and prevents increased permeability and thus it stops the edema in inflammatory reactions and improve blood supply of the hair follicles.

It is purified from the extract of Viola tricolor flowers, which is very rich in rutin. It has wide application in vascular diseases and it improves the circulation around the hair follicles.

It is a refined unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon found in the liver oil of Aizame sharks. It forms 5 to 8% of human sebum, which helps to keep the scalp skin moist and free of dryness.


Bacterial scalp infection.
Tinea Capitus.
Seborrheic Dermatitis.
Scalp Psoriasis.
Alopecia (together with androgen blockade agent).
Scalp involvement in dermatomyositis.


What is MigraCell?

MigraCell is a natural product in the form of cream that is designed specially for migraine pain relief. It is applied to the site of pain and the nasal mucus membrane. It has the ability to penetrate the skin, mucus membrane and the fine capillary wall to exert prophylactic and abortive effect in migraine headache.

How does Migracell work?

MigraCell ingredients work synergistically to correct all the disease alterations that cause the migraine pain, the accompanying symptoms and the complications that sometime occurs secondary to such alterations. In order to understand how Migracell works the patient must understand what causes the migraine. The following is a simplified explanation:

Causes of Migraine:
Migraine is a hereditary disease. The migraine patient usually has hereditary abnormality of one of important metabolic systems of the brain that is called the mitochondrial brain oxidative system. This system is very important for the stability of the brain nerve cells. Any abnormalities of such system leads to vulnerable nerve cells that can easily be stimulated by any of the trigger factors which causes excessive stimulation of the nerve cells and spontaneous pain in the head and neck (Migraine). The trigger factors include stress, hormone fluctuation, weather changes, dental problem and food hypersensitivity. As a result of such stimulation there is a blood level increase of certain substances that lead to:

1- First phase narrowing of the fine capillaries that supply different parts of the brain. This narrowing leads to decrease of the oxygen supply of the corresponding part of the brain that causes the early symptoms that usually occur before the start of migraine attack (blind spots, sound may appear unnaturally loud and smells may be more intense, mood changes and increased appetite.

2- The second phase widening of the main blood vessels that supply the head and this widening leads increased blood flow to the head and secondary migraine pain.

3- Platelets (certain type of cells present in the blood beside the red and white cells and are responsible for the blood clotting) will have increased ability to aggregate together and release a substance that is called Serotonin which together with two other substances, Bradykinin and Histamine causes sterile inflammation( inflammation without accompanying infection) around the nerves and blood vessels of the brain which aggrevate the pain. In addition such platelet aggregation together with the narrowing of the fine blood capillaries that supply different vital areas of the braine could cause sometimes occlusion of such important capillaries and secondary neurological diseases like stroke.

In addition the immune system (cells concerned with the natural body defense) has an important role to play in controlling the migraine pain. In the case of healthy immune system some of these cells, containing pain- relieving substance called beta endorphin (Opioid-containing immune cells), migrate to the site of pain and release their beta endorphin and control the pain. Migraine patients, having alteration of their immune system, lack this type of natural body defense and so they experience sever uncontrolled migraine pain.

Returning back to the question of the how MigraCell works and going step by step through the causes of migraine, the patient will understand why this remedy is effective in relieving the migraine pain. As proved by clinical trials together with experimental laboratory studies this remedy correct the various factors included in the causes of migraine:

1. Improves the metabolic brain system (the mitochondrial oxidative brain system).
2. Inhibits the contractile response of the vascular smooth muscles and relieve the narrowing of the fine blood vessels that supply various areas of the brain.
3. Inhibits platelet aggregation and release of serotonin and histamine.
4. Stops the inflammatory response around the brain blood vessels and nerves.
5. Regulates the altered immune system.
6. Activates the brain opiate system for self pain control.
7. Great recovery of cellular function following the insult caused by decreased brain oxygen supply.
8. It has analgesic, tranquilizer and sedative effects.


What are the active ingredients in MigraCell?

The active ingredients in MigraCell are:

Feverfew (Herb):
Clinical trials proved the migraine pain relieving effect of Feverfew. It inhibits the contractile response of the smooth muscles of the blood vessels and so it stops the narrowing of the blood capillaries that supply the brain. It also inhibits platelets aggregation and the release of Serotonin and Histamin.

Melissa Officinalis (Herb):
Its extract is very rich in certain substances (Ascorbic acid and Ascorbate oxidase activity) that regulate the secretion of the pain- controlling immunoreactive beta- endorphin. It exerts anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It enhances the function of the immune system.

Chamomile (Herb):
Its extract has anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic effect.

Leguminosae (Herb):
Its extract inhibits platelets aggregation.

Linden (Herb):
Its extract has antihistaminic and sedative effect.

Salmon Calcitonin:
It increases the level of Beta-endorphin and this explains its ability to relieve the pain.

It is a very important amino acid and it helps cellular growth even in the absence of oxygen. This function leads to significantly greater recovery of brain cellular function following the decreased oxygen supply as a result of narrowing of the fine blood vessels that supply the various parts of the brain.

It regulates the brain metabolic system (Mitochondrial brain oxidative system). It also regulates the altered immune status in migraine.

The available evidence suggests that up to 50% of migraine patients during the attack have lowered levels of ionized magnesium. Magnesium concentration has effect on the nerve cells that transmit the migraine pain.

Is there any side effect for MigraCell?

MigraCell is completely safe except if any person is allergic to certain types of plants. We advise in the insert (found in the box containing the MigraCell ), to do skin sensitivity test by applying a small portion of MigraCell to the skin of the forearm and watch the area of application for any reddness or itchiness immediately and up to 24 hours to be sure that the patient has no hypersensitivy to any of the MigraCell ingredients.

Can it be used with regular headaches as well?

Absolutely, MigraCell can give relief for any type of headache as it contains active ingredients that strengthen the natural body defense for pain control (Beta-endorphin). It also contains some of the ingredients that are sedative as well as tranquilizers. 

Does it have to be used everyday or just when I have a headache?

If you use it at the time of headache it helps you to relieve the headache but if you are a person who has a liability to have frequent headache attacks, it is advisable to use it on regular basis once or twice every day according to your response to avoid the headache attacks.

What other conditions does MigraCell treat? Sinus headaches, colds and allergies?

Although MigraCell has been designed to relieve the migraine pain it has been found effective in treating other types of headache. It contains active ingredients that strengthen the natural body defense for pain control (Beta-endorphin). It also contains some of the ingredients that are sedative as well as tranquilizers. Although it can control the pain we can not claim that it treat sinusitis, cold or allergies, however dermamed company is aware or these common health problems and in her way to design a remedy to help patients complaining of such type of sickness.

Is MigraCell safe for use by children?

MigraCell is safe for use by children. After doing the skin sensitivity test to exclude cases of plant allergy, local application to the painful area results in fast relief as it is absorbed completely by their delicate skin. Nasal application is unnecessary, as children dislike the cooling sensation in the nose.

How often should MigraCell be applied?

It depends on the severity of the attack, 1-2 times daily (morning and bed time). It should be applied early in the attack as most patients feel the approach of the attack, the early the application of Migracell during the attack the more fast is the pain relief.

How long will it be before I feel relief?

Before answering this question I would like to mention an important comment about the word pain. The pain is a relative sensation. Some patients have high tolerance for pain, others have low tolerance. Meaning the same degree of pain could be expressed by some patients as sever and by others as mild. It is also important to know that most of the migraine patients have been using pharmacological drugs that cause narrowing of the blood vessels, which supplies the brain. The continuous use of such medications for long time leads to resistant type of migraine. In order to get the maximum benefits from using MigraCell, all the pharmacological medications should be withdrawn t hen apply the MigraCell gel on regular basis for at least two weeks This regime will reduce the frequency and the severity of the attack gradually and by time it disappears completely. It is very important to apply the gel early in the attack as most patients can recognize the approach of the attack when they start to have blind spots or abnormal stimulation of their senses ( hearing sounds abnormally loud, perceiving light as dazzling and smells may be more intense). To get the best of results the patients should be advised to take the oral nutritional capsules for migraine as it increases the chance of prophylaxis against migrain.

Is MigraCell a "cure" for migranes?

Migraine is a genetic disease exactly the same as Diabetes, Hyperlipedemia and some cases of Hypertension, it can be controlled but not cured. However, there are some investigators who claimed that Feverfew one of the MigraCell ingredients could change the genetic mutation found in Migraines but it needs more investigations to be finally proved. It is very important to control the migraine through enforcing the body natural defense to avoid the complication (e.g. stroke) that could happen as a result of the migraine itself or the use of different pharmacological medication.

How important is it to take the MigraCell Nutrition Capsules if I am using the balm?

These capsules contain the daily requirement of all the nutritional elements, essential for healthy cerebral neurovascular system and normal blood coagulability. Omega-3 one of the important components of the capsule is of marine origin (fish oil). It is a crucial component of the nerve cell membrane (synaptic cell membrane). The latter helps the nerve cells to be stable and not vulnerable to the trigger factors. It reduces the possibility of the occurrence of stroke that could happen as a complication of sever migraine. It is also very effective prophylactic agent in cases of migraine due to dysmenorrhea and food hypersensitivity.

  • November 28, 2016
  • Jessie Jin